[Wikimedia-l] Effectiveness of meetings (Was: Affcom ...)

Mathias Damour mathias.damour at laposte.net
Tue May 14 17:16:11 UTC 2013

Le 14/05/2013 13:39, Lodewijk a écrit :
> (...)
> Based on these desired outcomes, you can estimate up front if the meeting
> is likely to be 'worth it'. If not, you can reduce the costs, increase the
> outcomes (different setup) or cancel all together.
>> 2013/5/14 Lodewijk <lodewijk at effeietsanders.org>
>>> The second relevant question is, in my opinion, whether the WMF travel policy
>>> is good, proportional etc. This policy has mostly received criticism from
>>> two sides - some think it is too elaborate, and WMF should get 'less
>>> luxury' (again fair discussion, but we should then focus on the whole
>>> question) - another criticism is that it should be equalized for all
>>> Wikimedia-sponsored trips, including individual engagement grants, trips to the chapters meeting etc. When this question was brought up last time, I
>>> believe it was Sue who mentioned that this would simply result in much less travel and participation. Again, a fair question.

"this would simply result in much less travel" !!! Well, less travel, 
not only cost control, could be a justifiable objective itself.
I mean that to convert the donations to Wikimedia into burning vast 
amounts of under-taxed kerosene is definitely not an environmentally 
friendly and responsible way to run the Wikimedia movement.

I personally went to the chapter meeting in Milan rather than insist on 
attending the next Wikimania in good part because I could get there by 

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