[Wikimedia-l] Russian Wikipedia in blacklist trouble again

Fred Bauder fredbaud at fairpoint.net
Thu May 9 12:14:16 UTC 2013

> On 05/09/2013 07:19 AM, Anthony Cole wrote:
>> We would be failing in our mission to disseminate educational
>> information
>> effectively and globally if, due to an ideological attachment to
>> NOTCENSORED, we took the former option.
> You're saying this as though those things were orthogonal to each other.
>  They are not.  When we bow to random entities' wishes of what is
> "correct" educational information, you've already fatally compromised
> that mission.
> Should we remove the articles about Tibet from zhwp so that the PRC is
> more accepting of Wikipedia?
> -- Coren / Marc

No, but including accurate information about the conditions of life of
the serfs and slaves of old Tibet, and the ridiculous superstitions of
the lamas will go a long way toward lifting blocking of those pages.


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