[Wikimedia-l] [Wikitech-l] open positions at WMF

Terry Chay tchay at wikimedia.org
Wed Mar 20 18:30:52 UTC 2013


On Mar 19, 2013, at 6:33 PM, Daniel Zahn <dzahn at wikimedia.org> wrote:

>>> BTW, why is WMF looking for a WordPress Developer?
> So is it just design or is it developing? If it is actual software
> development, i'd have to think
> who is going to review and maintain that code after the super
> short-term contractor is gone.

The changes to the plugins and themes that would happen (have happenend) are and would continue to be in gerrit code review. Communications wants to simply update existing install, and while I can review, I don't really have time to code (or if I code, I can't self-review).

This would most likely be in the form of an update of the existing custom plugin and a new theme (to replace Victor).

> Remember it also has to be deployed to production somehow and  i'd
> already like to point out now
> that it should have reviews from other devs, not just asking ops to
> merge it, especially with Wordpress'
> history of exploits.

The blog is already deployed in production (by you and RobH), so I assume you've firewalled it already as much as possible, so the main concern if exploited would would be privacy leak from *.wikimedia.org

As for updating it, I'm open to ideas on how we can handle this. I can ask around in Features for someone willing to help. Right now the process is ad hoc and ends up being a pain to keep up to date from Ops's side (basically someone notices the plugins and core are out of date and requests an update).

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