[Wikimedia-l] [WikimediaPL-l] 1989 Roadshow comes to Poland

Michał Buczyński sandbox at o2.pl
Mon Mar 18 23:16:25 UTC 2013

Hello John, Tack så mycket för ditt brev!

Thank you for your interest in Poland and Polish Wikimedia community, it is very nice of you!

As I understand, this is a once-in-a-long-period-of-time opportunity. As I must agree with Polimerek that 1989 is not easy with some people in Poland and their political agenda (we Poles can spoil and poison even the greatest victories :/) maybe we could think of using this event in a way that could be quite politically neutral and possibly uncontroversial (there will always be people unhappy with what we do but you cannot please everyone) but still beneficial for Wikimedia.

I hope we can sort it out.

Best Regards,
Michał "Aegis Maelstrom" :) Buczyński

Dnia 18 marca 2013 22:07 Tomasz Ganicz <polimerek at gmail.com> napisał(a):

> Hi - I just post it to WMPL internal list, but I am a bit afraid about
> the idea.
> Maybe the history of Poland seen from the eyes of foreigner is just a
> history - but in Poland this period of history defined the
> contemporary politics - both in positive and negative way. The
> opinions of what really happened in Poland in the years 1989-1991
> define in large extend the contemporary division of Polish politics.
> For example for the currently leading party in Poland the Round Table
> Agreement was a big success, but for main opposition party it was the
> kind of betrayal which constituted the evil, secret cooperation
> between communist party officials and "soft" part of opposition
> leaders, which were influenced by communist secret police...
> Organizing an event around the election which was an effect of the
> Round Table is putting Wikimedia movement in the very heart of Polish
> contemporary politics. By the way 1989 election wasn't free in normal
> sense of this term :-) Actually only 1/3 of seats were elected freely,
> when the rest was divided between communist party and its allies by
> default. The communist party lost the power due to kind of its allies
> betrayal. The 1991 election was the first really free.
> The other problem is that actually there was many similar actions of
> collecting source information about the 1981-1991 history of Poland.
> The Institute of National Remembrance is constantly collecting such an
> information and it has it own wiki-based (although not freely
> editable)  kind of encyclopedia about the issue:
> http://www.encyklopedia-solidarnosci.pl/
> Which is a good reference for Wikipedia, but it has it own strong political POV.
> Maybe - some more vague and not so political idea of your even would be better?
> 2013/3/18 John Andersson <john.andersson at wikimedia.se>:
> > Dear WMPL,
> >
> > As some of you know I am working for WMSE with a project called Europeana
> > Awareness. Through this project we are cooperating closely with Europeana
> > and their GLAM partners in order to create common projects in different
> > European countries. These projects have the goal of helping to create new
> > cooperations between GLAMs and national Wikimedia chapters – and between
> > chapters of course! In line with this we have a suggestion for a rather neat
> > event that we hope WMPL would like to get involved in.
> >
> > In Warzaw, on the 7-8 June, Europeana is organizing an kick off event for
> > the 1989 Roadshow Poland which starts the European wide Europeana 1989
> > Campaign. The theme of the roadshow in Poland is First Free Elections. The
> > aim with the whole campaign is to collect personal histories and artefacts
> > relating to the political changes in Eastern Europe in 1989. This roadshow
> > is still being planned and there is not really any information up online
> > about it yet.
> >
> > We have just started discussing this but my current idea is that we could
> > add an edit-a-thon in connection to this kick off event, using material from
> > Europeana that are from 1989 to incorporate them on Wikipedia's articles.
> > This way we can also show the participants (most likely GLAM professionals)
> > how to edit on Wikipedia. The organization of the event would be rather easy
> > for you as WMSE and Europeana can fix the facility and food and most other
> > practical things.
> >
> > I believe that this would be an excellent opportunity for WMPL to find new
> > GLAM partners and perhaps get a few new expert editors on board, and also
> > get some great media attention! What do you think? Is there anyone that
> > thinks this sounds interesting and would like to get involved?
> >
> > John
> > - - - -
> > John Andersson
> > Wikimedia Sweden
> > Project Leader Europeana Awareness
> >
> > Phone: +46(0)73-3965189
> > Email: john.andersson at wikimedia.se
> > Skype: johnandersson86
> >
> > Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @wikieuropeana
> > Visit http://se.wikimedia.org/wiki/Projekt:Europeana_Awareness/English for
> > more information about our project!
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