[Wikimedia-l] Committee changes at Wikimedia Australia

Craig Franklin cfranklin at halonetwork.net
Mon Mar 18 12:00:02 UTC 2013

Hi All,

As some of you may be aware, Wikimedia Australia has been planning a
reshuffle of committee positions, based on ‘real world’ commitments of some
committee members that made them unable to continue to commit to the heavy
workload that being on the committee entails.  I’m happy to report that
after a consultation period with our members, the committee at our meeting
yesterday approved the changes.  The new committee is as follows:

President: Craig Franklin

Secretary: Graham Pearce

Treasurer: John Vandenberg

Members: Kerry Raymond, Steve Zhang

Observers: Charles Gregory, Ross Mallett

Charles Gregory remains an observer on the committee, and will continue to
be responsible for the chapter’s social media, as well as being Wikimedia
Australia’s representative to the Wikimedia Chapters’ Association.  Ross
Mallett will also join us as an observer on the committee, in addition to
taking on the responsibility of being our Assistant Treasurer.  It is my
experience that when you get the basic things running like clockwork,
success soon follows, and I’m confident that someone with Ross’s skills and
experience around to help will see us running as smoothly as possible.

The position of Vice President is currently and deliberately left vacant.
Over the coming weeks we will be assessing what additional skills and
expertise are required in the committee, and searching for someone who can
bring that to the organisation.  Stay tuned for more information on that!

I’d like to thank my fellow members of the committee for their support
during this process, for the work that they’ve already done, and for the
great things that they’ll no doubt do for the chapter and the movement in
the coming months.  I’d like to specially single Charles out for praise as
well, as he has been a longstanding member of the committee and helped us
out of a tight spot last year by taking over as Secretary and doing a great
job of organising our AGM and elections.


Craig Franklin

President – Wikimedia Australia

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