[Wikimedia-l] WMF Grants Program Retrospective 2009-2012 published

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Bravo.  A useful & thoughtful recap.   SJ

On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 8:26 PM, Asaf Bartov <abartov at wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Dear friends and colleagues,
> Another component of the Wikimedia Foundation's increased focus on
> grantmaking is now ready for discussion: it is a retrospective report on
> the history, evolution, and processes of the Wikimedia Grants Program (the
> Foundation's first, and until fairly recently only, grants program).
> We were interested in an independent report by someone with a good
> understanding of wikis and our shared values, and chose a local Wikipedian
> named Kevin Gorman (User:Kevin Gorman), active on English Wikipedia, who
> has volunteered in the Wikipedia Education Program and also had an (unpaid)
> internship at the Foundation office in San Francisco for a few months in
> 2011.  Kevin was paid our standard contractor wage for his work on this.
> Kevin has posted the report here:
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Retrospective_2009-2012
> I'd like to thank Kevin for his work.
> I invite anyone interested to read the report and discuss it on its talk
> page.  We believe your inputs will help us improve our current and future
> processes, especially as we deepen and widen our grantmaking programs and
> strategies. We look forward to a productive discussion.
> Please _do_ share this message and link with your respective communities
> and lists; please _don't_ discuss this on the lists, but on the talk page,
> so that Kevin can respond to questions, and so that I and others at WMF can
> provide input as well.
> Cheers,
>    Asaf
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