[Wikimedia-l] Mid-Year Financial Statements

Erik Moeller erik at wikimedia.org
Mon Mar 11 20:33:31 UTC 2013

On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 1:06 PM, ENWP Pine <deyntestiss at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I'd like to ask you or Gayle about how aggressive WMF is about recruiting outside of SF.

I'm not Gayle or Garfield, but here's some simple data on the most recent hires:

Sr. Software Engineer, Mobile - to be announced shortly - remote, not relocating
Sr. Software Engineer, Mobile - to be announced shortly - remote,
relocating to SF
Ops Engineer (offer pending) - remote, not relocating
Greg Grossmeier, Release Manager - SF
Ed Sanders, Software Engineer, remote, not relocating
Brad Jorsch, Software Engineer, remote, probably relocating
Munagala Ramanath, Sr. Software Engineer, remote, relocating

Marc-Andre Pelletier, Software Engineer, remote
Kirsten Menger-Anderson, Technical Writer, SF

So the general answer is, yes, we're aggressively [*] looking
internationally, and we're aggressively hiring internationally, with
the caveat that some positions are strongly preferred to (ultimately)
be SF-based to function effectively.


[*] When it comes to persistence and thoroughness. In actual candidate
interactions aggression would be somewhat misplaced. ;-)
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