[Wikimedia-l] Mid-Year Financial Statements

ENWP Pine deyntestiss at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 11 20:06:53 UTC 2013


Thanks for the report.

Congrats again to the fundraising team for what they accomplished this for this round of fundraising.

The Q&A for the mid-year report talks about a hiring pace that is slower than planned, and says "We attribute this to the fact that the market for
engineers is extremely competitive in San Francisco right now." I'd like to ask you or Gayle about how aggressive WMF is about recruiting outside of SF. I think there are probably engineers at large tech companies outside of SF who would enjoy a change of culture from their current employers to WMF if they're willing to take a pay cut. I think that they would be good candidates for the recruiting team, so I'd strongly encourage aggressive recruiting outside of San Francisco.




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