[Wikimedia-l] Are there plans for interactions between wikidata and wiktionaries ?

Denny Vrandečić denny.vrandecic at wikimedia.de
Mon Mar 11 13:52:56 UTC 2013

There is currently a number of things going on re the future of Wiktionary.

There is, for example, the suggestion to adopt OmegaWiki, which could
potentially complicate a Wikibase-Solution in the future (but then again,
structured data is often rather easy to transform):

There is this grant proposal for elaborating the future of Wiktionary,
which I consider a potentially smarter first step:


There's this discussion on Wikdiata itself:


And I know that Daniel K. is very interested in working into this direction.

Personally, I regard Wiktionary as the third priority, following Wikipedia
and Commons. A lot of the other projects -- like Wikivoyage or Wikisource
-- can be served with only small changes to Wikidata as it is, but both
Commons and Wiktionary would require a bit of thought (and here again,
Commons much less than Wiktionary). I would appreciate a discussion with
the Wiktionary-Communities, and also to make them more aware of the
OmegaWiki proposal, the potential of Wikidata for Wiktionary, etc. Just to
give a comparison: it took a few months to write the original Wikidata
proposal, and it was up for discussion for several months before it was
decided and acted upon. I would strongly advise to again choose slow and
careful planning over hastened decisions.


2013/3/9 Mathieu Stumpf <psychoslave at culture-libre.org>

> Hello,
> First, congratulation for all the already achieved great work on the
> wikidata project.
> Now I would be interested to know more about future development,
> especially on interactions with wiktionaries.
> I think wikidata could help to improve wiktionaries drastically, by
> unifying not only interlangs links, but also definitions and
> translations.
> More accurately what I mean is that currently you often have, attached
> to one wiki article you have usually several definitions for each
> language where the word is used. But often when I seek a non-french word
> in the french wiktionary, looking at the native wiktionary will bring
> more definition than what you can find on the french article.
> I saw that on the english wiktionary, the interface added a "quick add"
> feature, which ask user to fill translation for each meaning. That's
> great and I wish it would be added in all chapters. And I think that we
> could add even more "hey, what about translating just this little thing"
> feature across all dictionary by centralizing entries, so that each
> "word" is associated with one or several meaning by language. Then all
> meanings could be redistributed to all wiktionnaries, even when no
> translation is available for a given meaning in the local chapter. In
> this cas we could have an information box that would say "this word have
> an other meaning which wasn't yet translated in ${local_language}, if
> you one of the language in which a translation is available, please help
> us to improve the wiktionary".
> What do think about such a project, could it work with wikidata?
> kind regards,
> mathieu
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