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Sarah Stierch sarah.stierch at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 16:55:21 UTC 2013

On 3/4/13 2:54 AM, Mathieu Stumpf wrote:
> Le 2013-03-01 14:42, Sarah Stierch a écrit :
>> Just an FYI. virtually no one at OKF but...like...me, and a couple of
>> our 30 some staff members actually use the wiki (and it's really only
>> for some HR documents). So, it'll most likely be left untouched or
>> unmaintained, by anyone. I just mention this because at our recent
>> staff summit we did a survey and everyone agreed that the wiki isn't
>> the primary spot where we work.
>> We're actually even considering making the wiki internal because it's
>> not fruitful for anyone outside of the internal community. So..don't
>> expect much to happen with that wiki space.
>> -Sarah
> How do you know it will never be fruitful? Do you have any security 
> concern on letting information public? If no, why wasting ressources 
> making your workflow closed?

Hi there. I can't speak on behalf of the OKF staff as a whole. There 
isn't a security concern, just not many people use it, and if we have 
something that isn't being used, it might not make much sense to hold 
onto it as an "asset" per se. (IMHO) Sure, we could let it sit there and 
rot, but, that's not really of interest to the organization, perhaps. 
The only people who are generally using it is a small group of staff and 
volunteers. Most of our staff members and community members are not 
wiki-users, therefore it also might not be the most comfortable space 
for them to be productive and work.

If no one is really using the space for workflow, then there really 
isn't much loss associated with it. Don't get me wrong - I'm a 
Wikipedian and I use the wiki.

But, this isn't really the conversation to be having this. If people are 
concerned I suppose they can stop by the OKF mailing list and voice some 
concern about it. Or...the wiki! Heh!


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