[Wikimedia-l] PRISM, government surveillance, and Wikimedia: Request for community feedback

Geoff Brigham gbrigham at wikimedia.org
Sat Jun 15 05:52:57 UTC 2013

Hi Tomasz,

Thank you very much for everything you and the volunteers are doing.  You
people do rock.

WMF is getting professional translations in German, French, Spanish, and
Japanese, and will post by Tuesday.  We are doing this because of the fast
timing situation and our desire to hear international voices.  We are
asking for translations by volunteers in the other languages.  If the
community says that we need to push out the dates, we will listen of
course.   My competing consideration is that we don't miss opportunities if
the right course is to proceed forward as recommended in the blog post.

Apologies for any confusion here.    Any fault is mine.

Again ... many thanks.


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I'm a bit lost here now that I've read that translation notice more
carefully — are you really saying you want to have this post translated
into German, French, Spanish and Japanese by Tuesday, June 18, and then
for the local communities to comment on it by Friday, June 21?

There is just no way that this can scale in this world.

FYI, I posted a message asking for translations at
and I'm sure that our amazing volunteer translators can get it
translated into those four languages (and more) by noon on Sunday (PST).*

(And again—doing this kind of things on a Friday is a Very Bad Idea[TM].)

        -- Tomasz

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