[Wikimedia-l] PRISM

Fred Bauder fredbaud at fairpoint.net
Mon Jun 10 13:47:41 UTC 2013

National Security Letters have been served on Libraries. However, as we
keep no track whatever off who is reading the site; it is hard to see how
serving one on us would accomplish anything; we can't produce records we
don't keep. I suppose a secret court order could be applied for which
would require us to log readers and searchers, but that would be kind of
dumb and unproductive.


> On Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 6:33 PM, Anthony <wikimail at inbox.org> wrote:
>> Wikipedia is not a top traffic website from people editing.  99% of the
>> traffic is reading/searching.
> Yes, and I as I pointed to the email written by Domas, that those logs
> don't exist.
>> We know that people's Google searches have been used against them in
>> court.  I'm not aware of any cases where Wikipedia searches have been
>> used.  But I can't imagine why they'd be any different.
> Because one is a search engine and the other is an encyclopedia. If
> someone
> was researching ways to make explosives or looking for child pornography,
> those are grounds to incriminate. Wikipedia on the other hand is an
> encyclopedia. There is nothing illegal about going in to a library and
> looking at a physical encyclopedia, nor should there be about Wikipedia.
> Regards
> Theo
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