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On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 12:56 PM, Cristian Consonni <kikkocristian at gmail.com
> wrote:

> 2012/11/28 Erik Moeller <erik at wikimedia.org>:
> > WMF is not going to organize this, but we can help sponsor travel and
> > bring the key developers from our side who will work on this. Are
> > there any takers for supporting a 20-30 people development event in
> > Europe focused on mapping/geodata? I'm suggesting Europe because I
> > know quite a few of the relevant folks are there, but am open to other
> > options as well.
> Hi,
> Sorry for bringing up this thread again so late, anyway Wikimedia
> Italia has found a partner who is willing to organize such an event:
> the "Bruno Kessler Foundation"[1] (FBK).
> FBK is a research centre in Trento (Italy), which is already active in
> the field; they are also maintaining the Italian version of
> DBpedia[2]. The event will be held in Trento.
> They are rather flexible about the dates, but we are suggesting to
> organize it around the Wikimedia Conference  (the days just before or
> just after the conference) so to focus our efforts in that period; in
> this way we could also profit from the fact that some people from the
> WMF staff will already be in Italy (since the WMConf will be held in
> Milan).
> Also, we think that organizing it before April will not give a
> sufficient notice to other developers who may be interested in
> participating.
> We already contacted the Italian OSM community which will help to to
> get in touch the international community.
> Is this ok for you, can we start make it moving? =)

Anyone know if this is happening or not?  Sometime around the chapters
meeting seems as good a time as any.  Or maybe attached as a few days
before/after the Amsterdam hackathon.

(/me not organizing anything, though)

I think there will be little overlap between attendees of the chapters
meeting and this, whereas I think there's a bit of overlap with the
hackathon.  Problem is I am not aware of anyone willing to organize
anything around the hackathon.

Advantage of what Christian proposes is that someone is willing to host and
help organize it. :)

The longer time goes by without picking a date, the more likely people like
me can't come as something else will come up and then they are busy.


> Cristian
> [1] http://www.fbk.eu
> [2] http://it.dbpedia.org/
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