[Wikimedia-l] No access to the Uzbek Wikipedia in Uzbekistan

Tim Starling tstarling at wikimedia.org
Mon Jan 7 05:17:13 UTC 2013

On 24/12/12 20:23, Anonymous User wrote:
> I don't know how much effort each of these two measures would be. If you'd
> ask me, I would suggest to be "very serious", but we are not under a
> deadline (the situation has been like this for more than a year now), and
> setting the rel="caonical" would already be really, really helpful.

This is done now. It would be good if Google could crawl
uz.wikipedia.org to update the canonical URLs.

In case anyone is wondering, I don't think this would be a good thing
to do on zh.wikipedia.org. The Chinese government would happily block
*.wikipedia.org port 443 if it became popular. At least the current
situation provides a way to work around keyword filtering for people
who are sufficiently motivated -- if HTTPS was blocked, it would be
much less useful.

-- Tim Starling

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