[Wikimedia-l] Readers still love you

Megan Hernandez mhernandez at wikimedia.org
Wed Dec 18 00:32:07 UTC 2013

More love from our readers for you.  Enjoy!

i feel like i have a new brain bolted on. that's the internet in general,
but a few of the gears in there are labeled 'wikipedia'

It beautiful how you can get authentic information on almost everything in
one place.. you guyz are doing a great job

I read a lot of scifi when I was a kid and always dreamed of something like
Wikipedia. Of course, I thought a computer would cover the whole wall so
maybe the dream wasn't exactly prescient.

In a world where 99% of people waste their life on Facebook its great to
have a destination where you can go and learn something.

I also get a great kick out of seeing some hamster-brained celebrity crow
about how inaccurate Wikipedia is because she hasn't bothered to learn how
to use it. "If you don't know how to drive stick shift, don't complain
about the poor machine design."

As with all tireless volunteers, all ya'll inspire me and make me want to
contribute more to my community (read: my city, my state, my country, my

Years ago, I would have to listen to my husband and sister-in-law argue
about who was right ALL THE TIME. Now, they just pull out their phones, and
Wikipedia has all the answers. The bickering has come to an end. Halleluiah!

I cannot remember a day in the last 5 years when I haven't opened a
Wikipedia page at least once.

Thank you! I'm a med student and use your site daily.

There is simply NO REASON to be ignorant about ANYTHING. I've always felt
that, but Wikipedia has made it nearly criminally lazy to be so.

Game changer. No other way to say it. There was a life before Wikipedia,
but it was not nearly as enlightened!!!

I think it is one of mankind's greatest achievements. No joke.

I am old enough to remember encyclopedias. This is lots better.

I use wikipedia every day. I now use it with Siri. I would like it
permanently wired into my brain.

I was a professional technical/scientific translator (German, French,
Spanish to English) and constantly needed information on all sorts of
things in different language. You can pick up a lot by comparing the German
and English articles.

makes my 8 yr old daughter smarter, enriches her, makes her more curious,
more empowered, more relevant to the community, and helps shape her
relationship to technology, seek truth, and develop a deeper understanding
of the world and her day to day life.


Elegant searches for truth nourishes the soul.

We tour cross country and our iPhones read us the Wiki entries on the
histories, demographics and economies of the cities we visit! It's like an
endless podcast of fascination and learning!

I've always found Wikipedia useful but now, sort of out-of-the blue, I'm
helping raise a 14 year old. Do you have any idea how many questions daily
whether homework-related or life-related that adds up to? No, neither do I,
but it's a lot and it's great to be able to have a knowledge resource
against which I can grade my own answers!

Brilliant quick reference source to back up ludicrous arguments!

don't need a brain anymore, I got Wikipedia.

As a father of two school age children, I do not always have the answers to
help them with their homework.........but Wikipedia usually does !!

Your editors are supremely good. Your online concept has rendered the
venerable encyclopedia extinct. You guys are doing a great job - for
humanity. I'm jealous .....

Thanks to Wikipedia, I'm a master of all subjects as long as I have an
active internet connection.

Best thing that ever happened to me since the internet


Megan Hernandez

Director of Online Fundraising
Wikimedia Foundation

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