[Wikimedia-l] Resolution: Media about living people

Tomasz W. Kozlowski tomasz at twkozlowski.net
Sun Dec 15 19:46:53 UTC 2013

While I appreciate the lengthy discussion about the scope of the 
resolution and about the ways it can be implemented in on-wiki 
processes, I would like to raise a different question.

I note with some interest that Jimmy's vote is not recorded at 
and I wonder what are the exact reasons behind that, and how this lack 
of information relates to a March 30, 2012 resolution on Board of 
Trustees Voting Transparency, 

Perhaps it might also be worth mentioning that there are two additional 
resolutions approved after March 30, 2012 that do not comply with the 
Voting Transparency resolution:


I believe that the Board or Foundation lawyers might want to have a look 
at those.


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