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Fhaidel Dominguez fhaidel at wikimedia.org.ve
Fri Dec 6 05:05:56 UTC 2013

Very interesting. Useful to draw better lines to guide us in this regard.
Thanks for sharing.

2013/12/5 Sarah Stierch <sarah.stierch en gmail.com>

> [pardon the cross-posting]
> Hi everyone! (Important areas bolded for people who are TL;DR types[1])
> As you may remember, the Program Evaluation and Design team here at WMF has
> been doing evaluation of programmatic activities in the movement - with
> your help! THANK YOU!
> *We have released our next reporting page about our current focus programs
> on meta about WORKSHOPS. *We appreciate everyone's participation so far,
> and we've made improvements to the edit-a-thon page based on your feedback,
> including bolding highlights for those of you who seeking a high level view
> of our ongoing reporting.
> *A third page is now on meta, and ready for improvement and commenting.
>  It's the WORKSHOPS page*, which provides information about:
>    - Program basics and history
>    - Response rates and limitations
>    - Reported data evaluation
>    - Priority goals as chosen by program leaders
>    - How much budget and time goes into planning workshops
>    - What participation is like at workshops
>    - Recruitment, retention, and replication details.
>    - Next steps (tool building, requests, support, etc)
> *Feel free to improve and make edits on the talk page. And of course, if
> you are a program leader/chapter that implements workshops and your data
> isn't represented, please contact me to submit your data*.
> *You can visit this new page here:*
> *
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Programs:Evaluation_portal/Library/Editing_workshops
> <
> https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Programs:Evaluation_portal/Library/Editing_workshops
> >*
> We hope you find this report inspiring and helpful.
> *Our next report we'll post will be about GLAM content donations*. I'll
> send another email out about that soon.
> Happy evaluating, and be sure to visit us on Facebook[2]
> -Sarah
> [1] https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/TL;DR
> [2] https://www.facebook.com/groups/programevaluation/
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> --
> *Sarah Stierch*
> *Museumist, open culture advocate, and Wikimedian*
> *www.sarahstierch.com <http://www.sarahstierch.com>*
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