[Wikimedia-l] A five-minute task new volunteers can do

Andrea Zanni zanni.andrea84 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 12:40:22 UTC 2013

Hi Andy.
I'm not sure if this is the right place to discuss this,
as this involves also the Commons community (and, maybe the Wikisource and
Wikidata one).

Wikimedia Italia is in partnerships with several European universities for
a project called EAGLE.
The projects wants to gather all the epigraphies (and related metadata)
from different database, and create a unique metadata schema and database
for them.
Wikimedia Italia is working on the integration of these data and content in
Wikimedia projects, eg, pictures in Commons, etc.

we told them that we could use Wikibase as a central software for doing the
And they did:
now at http://www.eagle-network.eu/ we are mapping and uploading all the
metadata related to single epigraphies.
It's a long work, as we are talking of hundred thousands epigraphies here.

I think we should find a proper, modular way to include transcriptions in
Commons metadata, remembering that these piece of data could one day go on
if we do it write (with a proper template, for example, which one day could
be "converted" in a Wikidata property), probably all projects could benefit
from it (think about embedding transcription directly in Wikipedia
articles, transcluding them directly from Wikidata...)

Here you can see a brief example of an Item (in EAGLE wiki) with a property
like that:
(The epigraphy actually doesn't have a transcription, but a "translation"
of the trascription. Those will hopefully arrive later in the prohect).

I'm writing this as I remember there other users putting transciptions
inside "annotations", on Commons,
and as EAGLE will probably bring a *lot* of images on Commons, we better
decide it right :-)


On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 4:20 PM, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk>wrote:

> I've just blogged about a five-minute task new volunteers can do:
> http://pigsonthewing.org.uk/help-wikipedia-wikimedia-commons-transcribe-text/
> transcribing small pieces of text in images such as foundation stones
> or signposts.
> Please feel free to circulate that through your networks, especially
> outside the existing Wikimedia community
> --
> Andy Mabbett
> @pigsonthewing
> http://pigsonthewing.org.uk
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