[Wikimedia-l] How lovely live communication works worldwide

Romaine Wiki romaine_wiki at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 3 17:12:00 UTC 2013

Somehow, I don't know how we get that happen, almost every time we use live communication to communicate about projects to enrich and improve the Wikimedia projects, something goes wrong in the communication. Besides the usual problems of connecting to the internet, a lot of software issues occur, then we have a microphone of someone that doesn't work in only one software programme, while it works in others, or we don't get sound out of the programme, programmes that need an account but refuse you to sign up. From Google Hangout, Skype to Mumble, all have issues. 

I think it would be lovely to have a piece of software maybe hosted by WMF that works for everyone to enable everyone to participate. Currently users are excluded because of insufficient software and it takes too much time to get everything working. The key of the Wikimedia projects is that everyone can participate, besides when it comes to live communication.


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