[Wikimedia-l] Question: How much does administration in Chapters cost the Wikimedia movement?

Fae faewik at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 10:14:24 UTC 2013

After seeing a few recent facts and figures about Wikimedia Chapters
(at the Milan conference), I think that "administration" versus
"project" activities is highly varied and may be something like 15% to
40% out of the overall budget. Unfortunately this figure can be a bit
hard to work out and (I think) almost impossible to ensure we would be
comparing like for like based on current reports.

It would make a great top level key performance indicator for our
organizations if this could be reported using an agreed standard
definition as to what administration means, with such a definition we
could even make this an expectation for the public annual financial
reports. Hopefully reporting such a ratio could then be a target for
improvement and any strategic plans for growth could be accountable
against this and other top level performance measures.

My rule of thumb would be that "administration" is composed of:
* Staff salaries, contractor payments and professional advice fees
* Offices and fixed or hired assets used for non-project activity
(such as financial reporting, accounts, board meetings)
* Expenses for non-project activity

I have yet to have a confirmed figure for WMUK, but I would be
interested any any current figures for other chapters for
comparison/benchmarking and any explanation of the 'norms' we might
expect to calculate these.

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