[Wikimedia-l] Wikivoyage project launch/migration update

Strainu strainu10 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 11:27:34 UTC 2012

2012/10/17 Roland Unger <roland.unger at soziologie.uni-halle.de>:
>> > 2012/10/17 Juergen Fenn <schneeschmelze at googlemail.com>:
>> >> 2012/10/17 Deryck Chan <deryckchan at wikimedia.hk>:
>> >>
>> >>> I think Strainu is referring to languages that exist on Wikitravel
>> but not
>> >>> Wikivoyage.
>> >>
>> >> Probably a practical question: As Wikitravel closed the API in August,
>> >> there is probably no more data that Wikivoyage could rescue from the
>> >> project than now is available in Wikivoyage. If a language community
>> >> needs a fresh start in Wikivoyage it would have to begin from the very
>> >> beginning. In this case it would be best to go through Incubator.
>> >>
>> >
>> That's not precisely true. With enough determination, the content can
>> be extracted from Wikitravel, even now. Hell, even copy-paste would
>> work to some extent.
>> But I remember that the archive team said they had a dump from August
>> 2011 for all the Wikitravel languages and private persons might have
>> more recent dumps. Can't those be used?
>> 2012/10/17 Tomasz Ganicz <polimerek at gmail.com>:
>> > So, the predictable effect will be that mid-size wikitravel language
>> > versions which did not moved to wikivoyage before August will rather
>> > stay on Wikitravel. There will be hard to find volunteers in these
>> > langauges ready to go through painful and time consuming process of
>> > incubator as there is already working wiki that anyone can join
>> > without any obstacles...
>> I don't think this is necessarily true, even if it is an important
>> risk and one of the reasons I've asked the questions originally.  For
>> instance, the Romanian Wikitravel was virtually dead, but some people
>> from ro.wp expressed interest in contributing to the new site if it
>> has a Romanian version.
> It's correct that the dumps of all languages from August 2012 are available
> at Wikivoyage saved as XML files.
> But these files could not be used to publish them immediately because they
> contain a lot of spam which must be removed by the community before.
> But the communities are missing.
> In some cases it makes sense to think about establishing a language
> branch from scratch.
> See also the interest list at
> http://www.wikivoyage.org/general/Interest_in_starting_a_new_language_version
> at least five authors and admins should show their interest in helping to
> migrate the wikis.

I personally don't see much value in starting a new project on
Wikivoyage now (except perhaps to avoid the Incubator, which is a more
bureaucratic process). One of the reasons people did not contribute to
Wikitravel was that it was "different" (e.g. different accounts,
extensions etc.)


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