[Wikimedia-l] Wikivoyage project launch/migration update

Roland Unger roland.unger at soziologie.uni-halle.de
Wed Oct 17 09:11:57 UTC 2012

> > 2012/10/17 Juergen Fenn <schneeschmelze at googlemail.com>:
> >> 2012/10/17 Deryck Chan <deryckchan at wikimedia.hk>:
> >>
> >>> I think Strainu is referring to languages that exist on Wikitravel 
> but not
> >>> Wikivoyage.
> >>
> >> Probably a practical question: As Wikitravel closed the API in August,
> >> there is probably no more data that Wikivoyage could rescue from the
> >> project than now is available in Wikivoyage. If a language community
> >> needs a fresh start in Wikivoyage it would have to begin from the very
> >> beginning. In this case it would be best to go through Incubator.
> >>
> >
> That's not precisely true. With enough determination, the content can
> be extracted from Wikitravel, even now. Hell, even copy-paste would
> work to some extent.
> But I remember that the archive team said they had a dump from August
> 2011 for all the Wikitravel languages and private persons might have
> more recent dumps. Can't those be used?

> 2012/10/17 Tomasz Ganicz <polimerek at gmail.com>:
> > So, the predictable effect will be that mid-size wikitravel language
> > versions which did not moved to wikivoyage before August will rather
> > stay on Wikitravel. There will be hard to find volunteers in these
> > langauges ready to go through painful and time consuming process of
> > incubator as there is already working wiki that anyone can join
> > without any obstacles...
> I don't think this is necessarily true, even if it is an important
> risk and one of the reasons I've asked the questions originally.  For
> instance, the Romanian Wikitravel was virtually dead, but some people
> from ro.wp expressed interest in contributing to the new site if it
> has a Romanian version.

It's correct that the dumps of all languages from August 2012 are available
at Wikivoyage saved as XML files.

But these files could not be used to publish them immediately because they
contain a lot of spam which must be removed by the community before.
But the communities are missing.

In some cases it makes sense to think about establishing a language
branch from scratch.

See also the interest list at


at least five authors and admins should show their interest in helping to
migrate the wikis.


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