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Anders Wennersten mail at anderswennersten.se
Tue Oct 9 05:48:04 UTC 2012

Please ignore this mail, that was meant only for our FDC internal mail

Anders Wennersten skrev 2012-10-09 07:44:
> In Anasuyas mail sent out, otherwise OK, she mentions "comments on the 
> FDC or the proposal process itself"  should go to FDC staff wikipage. 
> Should it not go to the FDC commmeets wikipage?
> I have thought we FDC members after we have prepared the 
> recommendation should make a review/evaluation (together with FDC 
> Staff) on how the FDC process have worked, and then need to have the 
> feedback given easily accessible?
> Anders
> PS I have now read carefully three proposals, hope to have all 
> reviewed before our Friday meeting, and I am already full of questions 
> that I would like to discuss further and before our SF meeting, like 
> How to view request related to want to learn to become a proper 
> organization (ie not to generate output), how too look at request that 
> really only have a backup of 8 active members (Hungary) - can we see 
> them representing a community? How to handle chapters that have big 
> surpluses from 2011, should that sum not be withdrawn from their 
> request for money 2012?  DS
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