[Wikimedia-l] Feedback page

Anders Wennersten mail at anderswennersten.se
Tue Oct 9 05:44:25 UTC 2012

In Anasuyas mail sent out, otherwise OK, she mentions "comments on the FDC or the proposal process itself"  should go to FDC staff wikipage. Should it not go to the FDC commmeets wikipage?

I have thought we FDC members after we have prepared the recommendation should make a review/evaluation (together with FDC Staff) on how the FDC process have worked, and then need to have the feedback given easily accessible?

PS I have now read carefully three proposals, hope to have all reviewed before our Friday meeting, and I am already full of questions that I would like to discuss further and before our SF meeting, like How to view request related to want to learn to become a proper organization (ie not to generate output), how too look at request that really only have a backup of 8 active members (Hungary) - can we see them representing a community? How to handle chapters that have big surpluses from 2011, should that sum not be withdrawn from their request for money 2012?  DS

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