[Wikimedia-l] (Press release) More than a hundred articles in Hungarian Wikipedia's literature contest

Bence Damokos bdamokos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 18:55:30 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I wanted to share with you a press release we issued earlier:

More than a hundred articles in Hungarian Wikipedia's literature contest
Press release, 28 November 2012

Wikimedia Hungary's literature themed article writing contest held between
5 October and 20 November 2012 with an Amazon Kindle and other valuable
prizes was a resounding success. The 47 participating editors wrote nearly
130 new articles, including articles about contemporary works (such as Parallel
Stories by Péter Nádas, or The Museum of Innocence by Orphan Pamuk) and
significant works of literary history (for instance Jin Ping Mei or the
Osiris myth), as well as about authors from Nossis to Imants Ziedonis.

The full list of articles is available at bit.ly/wpirodalomverseny, the
results of the contest will be announced at the Wikipedian meetup held on 1

The contest was not only a success in expanding literary knowledge on
Wikipedia but also in attracting new editors as a quarter of the
contestants began editing Wikipedia during the contest. Wikimedia Hungary
is grateful for everyone who participated in expanding Wikipedia and
consequently free knowledge. The association is planning a number of new
contest for the year 2013.


Best regards,

Bence Damokos,

Wikimedia Hungary

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