[Wikimedia-l] Request: Location proposals for the Wikimedia Chapters Association

Fae faewca at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 05:36:28 UTC 2012

[off topic]
On 10 November 2012 01:02, James Alexander <jamesofur at gmail.com> wrote:
> On an incredibly picky Wikipedian side note: What are you meaning by the
> ':meta' notation? It seems "like" interwiki links but the colon is in the
> wrong location (a wikilink would obviously be meta:, m: or wikt: etc ).
> They were just a bit confusing to me, I may be missing something :).

I tend to use this as my convention in emails as "word:" may be
confused for being the start of some sort of list but ":word" would
not be and if I use "wmuk:" I might mean the UK chapter but by ":wmuk"
I always mean the UK chapter wiki. On wiki I often stick a colon in
front of a link as I am used to this being the convention to link to
images rather than embedding them. If left in by accident, the colon
does not hurt any interwiki link as I believe it is always parsed out.
For example [[m:Main page]], [[:m:Main page]] and [[::m:Main page]]
all go to the same place.


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