[Wikimedia-l] A task list for a beginning project

Deryck Chan deryckchan at wikimedia.hk
Tue Jul 31 10:23:29 UTC 2012

Looks good! This list is about right, and having been part of setting up
zh-yue.wp I agree it'd be much better to make sure founders of new
Wikipedia language editions have this list.

A few comments though: I wouldn't put that much emphasis on MediaWiki help
pages. In addition, village pump, admin noticeboard and help desks are
overrated; they're much better dealt with being one centralised discussion
board to begin with, then split if there's adequate participation.


On 31 July 2012 07:35, Amir E. Aharoni <amir.aharoni at mail.huji.ac.il> wrote:

> Hello,
> There are many projects in small languages. People want to develop
> them, but are often not sure what should they do. Even something basic
> like "improve existing pages and write new ones" may not be obvious.
> Is there something like a "task list for new projects"? Something like:
> * Write new articles about your own culture
> * Translate articles about worldwide topics from big Wikipedias
> * Create useful templates, like {{welcome}, {{citation needed}},
> {{infobox}}, {{delete}} etc.
> * Write content policies
> * Write help pages about MediaWiki (that's a big topic for its own thread)
> * Complete and maintain the translation of MediaWiki and extensions in
> translatewiki.net
> * Create pages for Village pump, Administrator notice board, Help desk etc.
> * Watch Recent changes
> * Periodically delete articles that were marked for speedy deletion
> etc.
> (Of course, for Wikisource, Wikibooks etc. the task list would
> somewhat different.)
> I was about to write such page for the Punjabi Wikipedia, which I
> kinda adopted in the last few months, but then thought that something
> like this may exist already. Is anybody familiar with anything?
> Thank you.
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