[Wikimedia-l] Request for comment on global bans

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 09:14:04 UTC 2012

ENWP Pine, 07/07/2012 11:32:
> 2. May I ask what the rationale is for proposing that global bans be decided via global community consensus on Meta, instead what appears to be the status quo of stewards making decisions about global bans based on requests at SRG?

This is very simple. Global blocks (for IPs) and locks (for accounts), 
are suitable only for countervandalism, although they've been abused for 
other purposes. We currently don't have either a technical feature or a 
process for global bans.

ENWP Pine, 21/07/2012 10:09:
 > I anticipate that the current RFC for global bans will close as "no
 > consensus". If you feel that it's possible to get community consensus
 > for some alternative form of global ban, please ping me if you'd like to
 > collaborate on a subsequent RFC. Perhaps we could simplify the current
 > draft of the GRC to make it focus mostly on global bans if you feel that
 > would be helpful.

First you propose to broaden its scope and make it a "Global 
Coordination Committee" and now you want to make it narrower?
Bans and blocks requested as a last-resort on Meta are usually connected 
to broader problems which need to be considered as a whole to find out 
whether blocks/bans are the actual solution, or other actions among 
those available to stewards are the way to go. That's what the current 
RfC + steward requests do and the reason why the GRC proposal is 
structured that way.


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