[Wikimedia-l] Information from the Board about the creation of a travel guide project

Alice Wiegand me.lyzzy at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 22:37:41 UTC 2012

Hi all,

the Board of Trustees held a discussion at its Board meeting this week
regarding the creation of a travel guide project. Based upon those
discussions and the current state of the RFC, we would like the
community to continue its discussions for at least 6 more weeks to
ensure all interested parties have an opportunity to express their

During the meeting we discussed many things all of which are important
for the community to understand:

a) We are excited to see this proposal from the community, and hope
the wider community of editors can reach consensus on it.  We are
waiting for the conclusion of the RfC to take a decision on the issue.

b) We are committed to making knowledge freely reusable, and feel
there is room for multiple travel sites to coexist.

c) We feel it is important to be transparent with the community, that
should consensus be reached and a travel project created, the
foundation could support the initial creation of a travel guide
project, but could not provide a great deal of additional engineering
or staff support.  Further technical efforts would have to come from
the community.

Please leave your Comments at


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