[Wikimedia-l] Declaring my candidacy

Thehelpfulone thehelpfulonewiki at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 23:18:01 UTC 2012

On 9 July 2012 17:32, Theo10011 <de10011 at gmail.com> wrote:

> You are right about everything. ;)  And yes, this was premature, not a lot
> has been decided. I think the committee learnt of this as the same time, as
> you did.
Thanks for the confirmation Theo, and can I confirm a point on the
committee, the current "Steering Committee" consisting of Damian Finol,
Frieda Brioschi, Craig Franklin and Tomer Ashur is going to be different
from the community-driven subcommittee previously referenced, or are these
committees one and the same?

> Sebastian announced this on a private list and I believe, and he wanted to
> announce it publicly as well. And the same things you pointed out have been
> brought up. There are no other candidates, there has been no call for
> candidates. Majority of what has happened is on Meta, there is an interim
> committee and a meeting is planned with the chapters during Wikimania.

Would I be correct in thinking that the discussions in this meeting (and
future discussions) and the outcome of this meeting will be posted
publically on Meta-Wiki or here, as opposed to chapters-l for others to


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