[Wikimedia-l] WMF HR and leadership questions

Tim Starling tstarling at wikimedia.org
Fri Dec 28 05:53:33 UTC 2012

On 28/12/12 12:14, Gayle Karen Young wrote:
>> *2d. Does WMF have "a talent retention problem" and if so what is being
>> done about this?
> The short answer is "No."
> The simplicity of this question is a bit misleading. I don't think we have
> a talent retention problem because we have amazing people working for us
> who have and will continue to. The reasons that people move on are
> sometimes but not always problematic. I think it's GOOD for people to leave
> the organization at various points - for their own career development,
> because the things that were more endemic to a start-up environment are a
> little less prevalent at our stage of organizational growth, etc.

A count of office.wikimedia.org account deactivations suggests that
about 59 people left the WMF in 2012, for whatever reason. To me, that
seems like a lot of people. Maybe it's occasionally good for people to
leave, but so many?

-- Tim Starling

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