[Wikimedia-l] No access to the Uzbek Wikipedia in Uzbekistan

Marco Fleckinger marco.fleckinger at wikipedia.at
Thu Dec 27 21:39:58 UTC 2012

Leslie Carr <lcarr at wikimedia.org> schrieb:

>> I wish that and
>> would work, too, but the
>> foundation apparently can't or chooses not to afford separate IP
>> addresses for each language's Wikipedia.
>As one of the network folks, I will answer this.   We do not have
>enough public IP(v4)s for an address for each language in each
>project, and unless someone gives us a major donation of IPv4
>addresses (anyone have a spare /20 laying around?), I don't think we
>will be able to make this happen as we are frugal with our existing
>IPs and the allocating authorities (RIPE and ARIN) are being quite
>strict with their new IPv4 allocations.
>If you'd like to read more about IP allocation policies, here's a few
>https://www.ripe.net/ripe/docs/ripe-553 (see section 5.6)
Just an idea, which is not very beautiful: What about a router forwarding ports to the correct machine by using iptables? Would that also work in connection with search engines?



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