[Wikimedia-l] Upcoming Local Event in Kosovo

Mike Dupont jamesmikedupont at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 24 15:12:33 UTC 2012

Hi there,
there is an upcoming local event in kosovo that I would ilke to tell you
if anyone is interested in taking part in this , please tell me and or
arianit. Also we are interested in getting swag from wikimedia as well for

Arianit is organizing this. (website is coming) :

Wikipedia Academy Kosovo will encourage the creation of high-quality
content - both photos and articles - on Wikipedia English by students and
others in Kosovo.  The Academy will be a 3-day event organized in
Prishtina, Kosovo on 22-24 February.  Participants will be recruited from
high schools and universities around Kosovo.  They will be encouraged to
form teams from their schools with a faculty mentor to sponsor them. To
help prepare for the Academy, the organizers will conduct presentations
introducing students to the wiki editing process, appropriate content
creation and help students form teams at their schools. Best articles and
photos will be awarded prizes.

Participants will hear from local, regional and international experts to
improve their understanding of and purpose Wikipedia, the foundation of
open source knowledge and how to prepare high quality articles. On day two,
the participants will organize into teams to generate new content that will
be edited and posted during the event.  On day three participants will post
their content to Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.

James Michael DuPont
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