[Wikimedia-l] brief WMDE fundraising update

Michael Jahn michael.jahn at wikimedia.de
Mon Dec 17 14:20:40 UTC 2012

Dear all,

just a brief update from Wikimedia Deutschland on our current fundraising
campaign. It's been running since November 13, involving variations of facts
banners in combination with personal appeals. We're on track to reaching our
campaign goal of around € 5 m. by the end of this year. The personal
appeals appear as drop-down messages along our donation form, once readers
click on the sticking facts banners.The appeals include messages from
donors, readers and WMDE staff.

In short, we're combining facts with changing elements. As in past years, a
personal message by Jimmy is one of the personal appeals. Unlike past
years, various other appeals are performing well enough for us to be able
to significantly reduce Jimmy's presence, favoring a more
diverserepresentation of the people behind Wikipedia. Note,
however, that these observations are to be evaluated in the context of
thefacts bannersattracting attention first.

More detailed information will follow as soon as reliable figures are

One more thing: We created a short video clip as a further means
todiversifying our
campaign approach. It's a 2 min. piece that we produced with a small team while
the campaign got off the ground in late November. It features Wikipedia
readers who talk about their favorite Wikipedia word, capped off by
our CEOPavel Richter.
In essence, he points to the fact that we've come to take Wikipedia for
granted and why we all should support it. We've been using the video since last
Wednesday, interchangeably with text appeals. Again, no in-depth evaluation
(not while the campaign is in full swing), but the video seems to be at a
performance level with the most effective of our personal appeals.

Find the video here. It's in German, though!

Facts and figures to follow.


Michael Jahn
Public Relations

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