[Wikimedia-l] Banners are too bright, too long

Nathan nawrich at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 19:31:39 UTC 2012

The upshot is, vocal Wikimedians on mailing lists hate banners, and are
quite willing to sternly lecture about their dire consequences! It's left
to the Foundation, then, to choose between large numbers of donations from
happy donors and unamused mailing list participants. Tough call.

My own opinion closely mirrors that of Michael Snow, so I'll quote what he

"That's not to say that I necessarily agree with all of the decisions that
went into the current banners as to aesthetics or content. But I also don't
have the expertise or all of the data that's behind those decisions, which
is why I tend to reach a similar conclusion as Ziko. I trust that the
fundraising team will attempt to balance all of these considerations, that
they do listen to the concerns people have, and that they will make the
best choices they can in light of the information available. Keeping that
in mind usually helps me as I reflect on whether my own concerns are merely
matters of personal taste or something more important."

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