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> How is the fund-raising goal determined each year?

The fund-raising goal is determined by the amount of money needed to fund
the budget with consultation with the payment processing chapters.

> Is there a fund-raising goal set for the upcoming fund-raiser (the one
> beginning in November 2012)?

The goal is to raise $39.5 million USD via the Wikimedia Foundation and the
payment processing chapters over the 2012-2013 fiscal year, most of which
will be raised during the campaign at the end of the year.

> Is there a guideline or policy regarding what happens once the fund-raising
> goal is met?

The guideline is to start the fundraiser at the latest possible date that
will allow the Wikimedia Foundation and the payment processing chapters to
meet the fundraising goal.  The plan is then to stop the fundraiser on
December 31 at midnight PST.  We do not attempt to stop the fundraiser once
the goal is met as it is hard to measure with money coming in from around
the world in many different forms of payment, so it is best to just keep
the fundraiser running until December 31 to make sure we have meet our
fundraising goal.

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