[Wikimedia-l] [Wikimedia Announcements] Follow-up to Barry's note

Sue Gardner sgardner at wikimedia.org
Tue Aug 7 18:58:22 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

I want to thank Barry for everything he’s done for the Wikimedia
movement, and express my regret that he’s leaving the Foundation.

Barry’s done a lot for the movement. He's been involved for three
years: first, as the Bridgespan lead for our strategy project, and
afterwards as Chief Global Development Officer for the Foundation. He
was a major contributor to the five-year strategic plan, and as CGDO
he’s set up and launched a number of key projects that arose as a
direct result of that plan, including the catalyst initiatives and
Wikipedia Zero. He’s also done some tough and useful work helping
Wikimedia grapple with issues related to movement roles and funds
dissemination -- the fact that we're now in a position to launch the
Funds Dissemination Committee is very much a credit to Barry. I want
to thank him for everything he’s accomplished for the movement, and
wish him all the best in the future. I know he plans to stay involved
as a volunteer, and I'm happy about that.

Here’s a quick summary of what will happen next:

Barry’s last day with the Wikimedia Foundation will be August 31. It
will likely take 4-6 months for us to complete the recruitment process
for his successor.

Beginning August 31 therefore, Global Development will be co-managed
by Frank Schulenburg and Anasuya Sengupta. Anasuya will be responsible
for grantmaking and the catalyst projects: Asaf Bartov, Jessie Wild,
and Winifred Olliff will report to her, and she will manage our
relationships with CIS for India, with Oona Castro for Brazil, and
with the Arabic Language Initiative. Frank will continue, of course,
to hold responsibility for the Global Education Program, and will also
now newly take on responsibility for fellowships and Wikipedia Zero,
with Siko Bouterse and Kul Wadhwa reporting to Frank.

I want to thank Frank and Anasuya for agreeing to take on, on an
interim basis, these extra responsibilities.

Also, we’re moving Communications to Legal and Community Advocacy from
Global Development: Jay Walsh will now report to Geoff Brigham. This
is independent of Barry’s departure. Why? There’s lots of natural
synchronicity between Community Advocacy and Communications -- both
groups need to understand and support the Wikimedia communities and
ensure good communications between them and the Wikimedia Foundation,
including coordinating translations with and for the
non-English-speaking communities. And, unlike the rest of Global
Development but like Legal, Communications is a service department
that supports the entire organization/movement. So it makes sense to
me that Communications should move over to become a part of LCA.

I also want to note, because I'm not sure if it's been announced
outside the staff, that beginning August 5 Winifred will move into a
new position. She has been the Program Assistant for Global
Development: as of August 5, she will be Grants Administrator for that
team, responsible for administering Wikimedia Foundation grants, funds
awarded by the Funds Dissemination Committee and other Wikimedia
Foundation volunteer support programs, and for supporting the
Wikimedia Foundation grants program in the areas of program
development, communications, relationship-building, compliance, and
community engagement.

Again: I want to thank Barry for everything he's done for the
movement, and I look forward to his continued involvement from
Australia :-)


Sue Gardner
Executive Director
Wikimedia Foundation

415 839 6885 office
415 816 9967 cell

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