[Wikimedia-l] Is there an agreement between GoldenMap and the Wikipedia for the use of Wikipedia content?

Delirium delirium at hackish.org
Fri Aug 3 12:18:00 UTC 2012

It looks like a direct scrape, even to the extent of having some 
internal links being broken because they didn't update them (e.g. the 
link to Wikimedia Commons at the end of the article). I believe it's 
just one of the (many) unauthorized mirrors that don't properly credit 
the source of their content.

The English Wikipedia keeps track of such sites here:


On 8/3/12 1:44 PM, Rui Correia wrote:
> Dear All
> I came across a site called Golden Map, which has an encyclopaedic
> collection of articles that are the same as in the Wikipedia, but I don't
> see anywhere any information expalining what the association/ permission
> is. Is there an agreement in place for this?
> Look - for example - at this page on the Wildebeest
> http://en.goldenmap.com/Wildebeest
> Best regards,
> Rui

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