[Wikimedia-l] Travel Guide Wiki

Mark Jaroski mark.jaroski at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 12:24:56 UTC 2012

We've mainly approached this issue encouraging the different groups of
travellers to add relevant content for their areas. We specifically try to
mix it all in, because we don't want to section anyone off. There was
considerable controversy back in 2005 or so about adding an LBGT section to
the guide template: most of the community came down on the side of mixing
everything in. Likewise with family-friendly stuff like Jorvik.

We have in fact strived for a level of neutrality among different kinds of
travel. I think the particular policy document would be worth reading here:
"Be Fair"


I know, I know, I wrote that I'd rather not name the site, and there I go
adding a link. I didn't want to cut and paste.

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