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Is it just me or are we all getting email responses out of the original


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> @Yaroslov
> 1) A merger within a WMF project  is supported by admins from both WT and
> WV. WV is going to be meeting on the possibility of merging June 9th in
> Germany
> 2) Wikimedia's mission is to provide freely available educational content I
> am not sure which "WMF principles" you do not see such a site as being
> compatible with? You mention that a good travel guide selects information.
> A good encyclopedia sections information as well. I am not sure why we
> would encounter any differences? We deal with spam here on Wikipedia all
> the time.
> 2a) Not catering to a specific audience is one of the criticisms of
> Wikipedia. The proposed travel guide would write for a general audience.
> Wikipedia has written for a general audience with some success.
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