[Foundation-l] Study of Potentially Objectionable Content

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Wed Jun 30 23:57:28 UTC 2010

G'day Robert :-)
I write as a wiki user who's been advocating for change in the area of
sexual content on wmf projects for a few years now, and personally I'm very
happy at the direction the foundation has taken in commissioning a third
party (that'd be you) to investigate and report etc. on this issue.
I believe I'm generally considered to hold quite strong views in this area,
but what I would support (and will discuss throughout this process :-) is a
system which discourages wmf volunteers who are minors from accessing or
maintaining sexually explicit material, some sort of age verification system
(a la flickr) for public viewers, and that the foundation goes above what it
considers to be its minimal legal requirements for ensuring sexually
explicit material has been uploaded with the consent of the participants,
and only depicts those of legal age.
I checked out what I think is your website here;
http://www.rhresources.com/- and although your news and blog seem a
little over a year old, my main
concern is that you appear to have a series of little grey men jumping out
of your head ;-)
Welcome aboard the unique ride that is wmf wikis, and I look forward to
following your work in this area....

On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 9:38 AM, R M Harris <rmharris at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> Hello, Wikimedians. My name is Robert Harris and I'm the consultant the
> Board has asked to look at the various issues around potentially
> objectionable content as outlined by the Board resolution and FAQs posted to
> Foundation-l June 24, 2010. I've created a page on Meta-Wiki (
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/2010_Wikimedia_Study_of_Controversial_Content)
> to serve as a place where I can post the research I'm collecting for the
> study and also hope that that page can act as a forum for discussions around
> the various issues I've been asked to consider. The page includes my own
> series of FAQs to help introduce myself. Hope to hear from you as I look at
> these complex and significant issues.
> Robert Harris
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