[Foundation-l] encouraging women's participation

geni geniice at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 00:21:47 UTC 2010

On 22 June 2010 00:10, Tim Landscheidt <tim at tim-landscheidt.de> wrote:
> Isn't an iPhone one of those gadgets with about 10 cm of
> screen and no keyboard? Why would we want to encourage some-
> one to edit with such a device? It must be very frustrating
> to do so properly, and we don't profit, in fact it is to our
> disadvantage if it's done improperly.

Augmented reality.

Wikipedia's coverage of local history and geography benefits if we can
get edits from people on the move.

>  While I appreciate the efforts to encourage wider partici-
> pation, IMHO we should make sure that we keep the quality of
> our "products" and our "human resources" in mind. No edits
> at all may be better than one edit in ten days for probably
> 99% of the population.

Given that 99% of the population is over 6 billion people 1 edit every
ten days would result in a lot of worthwhile edits.

> And I don't think that we will at-
> tract the right 1% who will wander the libraries and the web
> in search of the missing pieces of information, tackle thick
> books and pause before clicking on the "Save" button to es-
> timate whether their edit will find the approval of their
> peers, by emphasizing that editing is easy or fun - because
> it isn't. And it probably shouldn't be.

If wikipedia is to survive it needs to be fun. If wikipedia is going
to get a broad coverage it needs to be easy.


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