[Foundation-l] Wikipedia trade mark misuse

Tim Landscheidt tim at tim-landscheidt.de
Sun Jun 13 14:58:17 UTC 2010

Jiří Hofman <hofmanj at aldebaran.cz> wrote:

> One of the Czech online news services, Aktuálně.cz ( http://aktualne.cz ) has launched its own encyclopedia a few weeks ago. Links to the encyclopedia's articles are used in news articles on this server. That would not be anything strange if the encyclopedia wasn't named "Wiki". Even that would not be so strange. But it is not a wiki at all. Users and/or readers of this server cannot edit it. It looks like the name was not chosen after a generic word "wiki" but  "Wikipedia". I consider this as a misuse of the Wikipedia trade mark.
> [...]

You are aware of [[en:Wiki]] for a history of wikis and
WMF's part in it?


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