[Foundation-l] Pending Changes (nee Flagged Protection) update for June 3

William Pietri william at scissor.com
Fri Jun 4 05:57:00 UTC 2010

As requested, here's the weekly Pending Changes update.

The big news is that we have picked a date for releasing the new version 
of Flagged Revisions and launching the trial of Pending Changes on the 
English Wikipedia: June 14.

I'd like to stress that this will be a trial. The goal is to learn, 
which means that things will not be perfect at launch. There are many 
areas where we hope to verify our current work and see what improvements 
can be made:

     * the technical underpinnings
     * the interface and language as experienced by
         * our readers
         * casual editors
         * serious editors
         * reviewers
         * admins
     * which articles should be covered
     * how best to use Pending Changes

We think we have something that is workable as is, and have notions for 
possible improvements down the road. To know what improvements are the 
right ones, we'll need real use and community feedback. We intend to 
respond speedily to community concerns and lessons learned from actual 
use. To that end we aim to keep to the same weekly release schedule that 
we've been using on labs these last few months.

More mundanely, the work completed this week includes ops documentation, 
the completion of the terminology work, and some interface improvements. 
We've also had some vigorous testing done by the folks at Calcey, who 
discovered a few bugs for us.

If you'd like to see the current condition of things, you can try it out 


To see the upcoming work, it's listed in our tracker, under Current and 


We expect to release to labs again next week, after which we intend to 
go live on the English Wikipedia.


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