[Foundation-l] fundraiser suggestion

Noein pronoein at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 19:50:23 UTC 2010

Are you saying that WMF has put itself in a huge dependence relationship
with money? That it could be forced to require third parties' help if
the donations are insufficient? That would be throwing itself into the
lion's den. What was worth risking so much its economical autonomy and
I hope you're wrong about the situation, Brian.

On 31/12/2010 16:19, Brian J Mingus wrote:
> Second, if WMF doesn't meet the fundraising goal they will have to cut
> something from the budget. If it's so very important to you that they not
> try advertising techniques that are mildly annoying to some users you should
> start by suggesting projects that won't get funded or people that won't get
> hired or servers that won't get bought, etc.

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