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Thu Dec 30 16:32:18 UTC 2010

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> Where there exists a clean elegent technical solution to a social
> problem  then it wasnt really a social problem to begin with.
> Where it comes to  something like ws maybe a tool to do an outline
> grouping a large multiarticle  document into a single coherent one is
> whats really needed.
> Any  solution that calls for endless templates is a bad one socially as
> well as  technically, and at the point where you even consider
> something on that scale  you should probably be consulting developers
> for a better way, like a way to  do parent!child relationships. 


That suggestion just makes my jaw drop.  Do you realize how may months we wait 
for a very simple bug fixes to go live?  How many years do think that the entire 
work of the community should be stalled while developers revamp the entire idea 
of how MediaWiki works?  We have great developers, that are an integral part of 
our community, who put time and thought into writing coded solutions for 
Wikisource, but they can't even get the developers with authority to review and 
implement their code into MediaWiki.  So we are left with JS hacks for ages. And 
you really think we should have sat around waiting for entirely new code that is 
not even started instead of making the project actually work with templates?  

Birgitte SB


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