[Foundation-l] Paypal removal?

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Sat Dec 11 12:39:58 UTC 2010

On Dec 11, 2010, at 12:31 AM, Robert Tice <robtice2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I suggest that use of Paypal is contraindicated due to their  
> deliberate
> efforts to inhibit the spread of information by closing their  
> account with
> Wikileaks.  It is inappropriate for Wiki to be associated with  
> Paypal or
> Amazon.com.  These corporations are the opposite of what Wikipedia and
> associated entities hope to be or currently are.  Closing the  
> account with
> Paypal will also send a message to Amazon that there are  
> consequences to
> efforts to censor the knowledge base of humanity.
> Thanks for reading this.  I hope to see debate and action on this  
> proposal.

I don't think we should stop using paypal because of this.

WMF should not take a stance one way or another on the wikileaks issue  
other than to remind people that wikipedia != wikileaks and we don't  
run wikileaks. (most people I think understand but also think there is  
plenty of misunderstanding out there about this)

Though it's a wikipedia policy, I think wp:npov should definitely be a  
guiding principle in this situation.

Removing paypal would be a bad idea, in my opinion


PS - I do know that our credit card payments are also handled behind  
the scenes by paypal.

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