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Béria Lima berialima at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 22:23:55 UTC 2010

Not very friendly to go with your first message. But let's try again in a
more polite way:

We have bot articles? Yes we have, several bots create most of citys of
France and some of Spain, German and Russia in Portuguese Wikipédia. but no
one of those bots works anymore since 2007-2008. From now on, all articles
are create by people. If they are big or not, i don't know, but we only ask
for all article have a source. So if you create a article like "Brazil is a
country of South America" with a source, your article would be kept.

I understand you when you said that we could delete those articles, but i
think that little information is better than no information at all. That is
what we normally think in portuguese wikipedia.

And about the problem of be the number 1, 2, 3 or 405: Our community really
do not care about it in general. Of course some guys have the "number fever"
and like to know we are the 9º (or 10º - i don't know) largest wikipedia.
But the rest of us if cool with that.

Sorry the other mail, i'm a little rude at times.
Béria Lima (Beh)
Wikimedia Portugal

2010/12/7 Yaroslav M. Blanter <putevod at mccme.ru>

> On Tue, 7 Dec 2010 21:46:48 +0000, Béria Lima <berialima at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Since you not speak portuguese and do not know our countries (in plural
> > because of Brazil / Angola / Portugal / Cape Verde / etc... ) and
> culture,
> > i
> > would be glad if you keep your opinion for you.
> >
> > The reputation of pt.wiki is our problem, and the problem of the "little
> > articles" is a question who is a decision of every community to decide.
> > Spanish, Italy and Russian (as far I can understand for you mail) don't
> > allow that kind of article. We do. And not because of ru.wiki, we do
> that
> > for all our history.
> >
> > If that is bad or good, don't concern to you or me to judge, but to
> pt.wiki
> > readers and contributors
> > _____
> Well, not a very friendly answer. I do speak some Portuguese (not on the
> level to contribute as an editor), and I have visited Portugal and Brazil a
> number of times. I totally agree that it is not my business to judge what
> should be kept in pt.wp (indeed, in Russian Wikipedia these articles are
> eligible for speedy deletion). However I am entitled to express my opinion
> that Portuguese Wikipedia is largely bot-generated. At least until pt.wp
> community decides to clean it up.
> Cheers
> Yaroslav
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