[Foundation-l] Launch of the Wikimedia Commons

Angela beesley at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 16:49:58 UTC 2004

I am pleased to announce that a database has now been set up for the
Wikimedia Commons.

The site is temporarily located at http://commons.wikimedia.org/ until
the project gets its own domain.

This provides a space for those interested to begin forming the
guidelines for the site, and to discuss how the software will need to
adapt to make the Commons as useful as possible.

The previous discussions are now linked to from

Batches of files may be uploaded as compressed zip files. Some time in
the next few days, a script will be written to decompress these zip
files on the server side. Please make sure you use appropriate file
names inside the archives.

Thanks to Tim Starling for creating the database, and to all those who
have contributed to the discussion so far.


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