[WikiEN-l] Sidewiki

Charles Matthews charles.r.matthews at ntlworld.com
Thu Oct 22 09:24:02 UTC 2009

Bod Notbod wrote:
> I heard a radio show discussing side-wiki and one issue they raised
> was that it gave web owners no control over what people said about
> their site in the wiki (as opposed, say, to on-site comments).
Hmmm, and it would be a way of commenting on any site while keeping your 
IP number between yourself and Google, too. Not that I would expect a 
radio discussion to be as interested in privacy issues as we sometimes 
are. If this ever turned out to be popular, there would be a spam issue. 
Is Google's idea that if you spam on Sidewiki they nuke your pagerank on 
their search engine?

It's a big shame they have attached "wiki" to something that isn't (is 
more in the blogging family of user-generated opinion content, if you 
ask me). I thought these guys were supposed not to be evil.


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